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Rodent Control Services

Rodents are very common pests found in homes and they cause a lot of disturbance and make living environment very uncomfortable. The very common types of rodents seen in homes of Pakistan are mice and rats although there are many other types of rodents as well. Generally, people in Pakistan consider mice and rats as rodents and seek for effective rodent control services once they face the rodent problem. Rodents are also considered as commensal pests because they prefer to live in places with more humans and have closer association with humans.

One unique attribute of rodents is that they can reproduce in large numbers very quickly. This is due to their ability to survive in very wide range of habitats and climates. Also they can feed on huge variety of diet and their natural rate of reproduction is very high too. Rodents can enter the homes as they search for food, shelter and warmth and this is more common in winters. However, it is a fact that once rodents enter the home and find a hiding space, it is very difficult for the residents to eliminate them completely. Many people opt for rodent control services when they have tried enough and were unable to overcome the rodent problem.

Rodents are not only cause of irritation for the residents but they also result in financial loss of the people. The financial loss is not in terms of the quantity of food that they eat, but due to the damage and contamination to the food. Not only food, but there are plenty of other items which can be either contaminated from rodents urine and droppings or damaged by their gnawing which include books, papers, furniture, clothing, heirlooms and other household items. Rodents are capable of gnawing electric wires as well which may result in failure of appliance to work or even cause fire burst. As they burrow their nests, they can cause serious damage to the insulation within walls. The actual and potential losses that people get from rodents lead them to go for an effective rodent control company in Pakistan.

Understanding Biology of Rodents for Effective Rodent Control

When we have good knowledge about the lifecycle and habitat of rodents, it become very easy to provide the best solution for effective rodent control. Rodents are either brownish or grayish in color and they have small eyes and large ears. These agile pests can have 3 to 4 inches long tail and the body size is normally 3.5 inches. The weight of rodents can be somewhere between 0.5 to 1 ounce. In rare cases, the rodents can be of much bigger size which can be around 7 to 10 ounces. The rats are normally bigger in size and more agile while mice usually are of smaller size.

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The breeding pace of rodents is quite fast as compared to other pests as rodents can give birth to off springs just within 19 to 23 days after mating. Rodents have average life expectancy of one year however within homes, as they get ideal conditions, they can live up to 2 years and sometimes even more. As the rodents manage to get away from the harsh conditions of environment and danger of other animals, the life expectancy of rodents increases dramatically.

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The female rodents can go into heat for approximately 5 days and once they get pregnant, they can give birth in 3 weeks, as mentioned earlier. Female rodents can reproduce up to 10 times in a year and each time the normal number of new born rodents offspring is around 5 to 8. This give a very close idea of how quickly rodents can multiply in number. The off springs of rodents are born without hair and they are blind at the time of birth.

Rodents like to live closer to humans and that is why they don’t need huge living space. On an average day, rodents might not travel more than 150 feet from their shelter either. As soon as their search for food and water is over, they would immediately return to their hiding places and that is why they are seen rarely and not all the times like insects. Comparing among rodents, rats normally travel more and farther from their nests as compared to mice. The average distance of mice is 10 to 25 feet only. It is important to know while setting traps for catching rats and mice. Rodents are more active at night and travel across walls and the edges.

Most of times, rodents prefer to investigate any new object placed within the area of movement. Especially the feeding territory is something that rodents actively travel across and give more consideration to. When residents of the home are not able to catch the rodents by setting traps, it is advisable to move the place of the trap as rodents will try to look into it most probably. Obviously, there is alternate to an effective rodent control company, but still there are few measures that the residents can take to overcome the rodent problem.

Rodent Control

There are few actions that can be taken by home owners for rodent control. Rodents are very difficult to eliminate because they can make nests in almost all places of the home. When you have resources, it’s wise to enlist the services of a professional. Experienced pest controllers know where to look for rodents and have a variety of management tools at their disposal. Here are few steps that you can take to ensure effective rodent control.

1. Determine the presence of rodents through their droppings, urine strains and rub marks. There is no effective control of rodents without tracking their presence. Sound can be another source to track the presence of rodents. Once you are clear about where these rodents are hiding or where they travel more, setting up traps becomes a lot easier and more effective for rodent control.

2. Food based poison baits can also be used for effective rodent control by homeowners. However, there is a great deal of care that must be taken in this regard. The seed or food used in this process must be carefully selected as well. Generally the food based poison baits which are available to common people take longer time to kill rodents. They cause internal bleeding and that it why it takes longer for rodents to die. However, rodents can die anywhere inside or outside the home.

3. Setting up traps is a tactic for rodent control that has been adopted since a very long time. In this method, it should be ensured that no kids should come in contact with these traps and all of the residents must know the exact location where these traps are placed.

4. Glue boards may be used by homeowners to trap the rodents and it is much safer than the traps. The rodents get stuck in attempt to cross over the glue boards. However the effectiveness of glue board is much less in dusty areas.

Diseases Caused by Rodents

Rodents are source of causing a lot of diseases. Many of these diseases are caused directly by rodents and in other cases, they act as carriers of bacteria and viruses that result in diseases. The major diseases caused by rodents directly or indirectly include Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat-bite Fever, Salmonellosis, Plague, Colorado Tick Fever and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Rodents can also result in considerable property damage by chewing through wiring in homes, car engines and other places.

Professional Rodent Control in Pakistan

The option of professional rodent control services in Pakistan as there are numerous pest control and especially rodent control companies in Pakistan. How serious is the rodent problem has to do a lot with the level of rodent treatment. Sometimes, home owners might consider the rodent problem to be very less significant and they may opt of treatment at household level by themselves. There are a lot of poisonous and low quality chemicals in the market for rodent control can result in severe health related issues to humans as well therefore great deal of care is required in this regard. Not only effective elimination of rodents is the essential part of rodent treatment, but the places from where they can emerge and hide have also to be traced down and treated well for this purpose.

Considering these factors, opting for a professional rodent control company or pest control company becomes very important. The good news is that the effective rodent control services of Care Taker are provided with warranty so that clients can have satisfaction that they are not going to come across rodent problem after getting rodent control services from Care Taker team. You can also contact us if you are looking for rodent control company in Islamabad and rodent control company in Rawalpindi.

Residents of every home facing rodent problem always want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most of the times, this rodent problem is beyond the control of residents and that is why they actively look for a professional company for rodent treatment. Care Taker is one of the best companies in the market of Pakistan when it comes to pest control and more specifically rodent control. We have been providing rodent control services to residential, commercial and industrial clients for very long time now in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and other cities of Pakistan.

Process of Rodent Control by Care Taker

Rodent control process is bit lengthier and time taking as compared to other pests. Although there are several ways for rodent control adopted by companies in Pakistan, Care Taker team opts for the economical yet effective rodent control services. The most common types of rodent control services are slow poisoning, trapping and gap analysis. In slow poising, tablets are placed at places where rodents visit more frequently. The result of these tablets is that rodents do not die instantly but they go outside the home and then die eventually. Rodents feel much irritation inside and in search of fresh air, they go outside and stay outside for a longer time and then die after some time.

In trapping method, specially designed traps are placed in some places after observation that where do the rodents visit more often. Traps are set at those places and rodents are unable to escape these traps. This method is effective when the number of rodents is less in the home. Care Taker uses gap analysis technique for rodent control which needs a lot of observation and frequent visits at the site. There are few precautionary measures required from the residents of the affected home during the rodent control process. The residents should be careful not to touch or let their kids touch the rodent control tablets or traps. After all the rodents are dead, the home needs to be washed thoroughly specially the kitchen and washroom areas and all other areas where tablets and traps were placed. The home can be used soon after it is washed after successful rodent control.

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