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Bed Bugs Control Services

In Pakistan and all over the world, bed bugs problem has increased over past few decades and that is why people actively search for bed bugs control companies or services. The major reasons for increase in bed bugs problem include lack of cleanliness and less effective pesticides. Regardless of the reason, bed bugs problem is commonly observed in homes, flats and apartments, schools, hotels, halls, shelters and other places. Even at public places like libraries, hospitals and public transport terminals, the bed bugs problem is very common. In short, wherever there are people, there is possibility of presence of bed bugs which indicates that bed bugs control is very important.

Understanding Biology of Bed Bugs for Effective Bed Bugs Control

Having good and in-depth knowledge about bed bugs can very easily help in effective bed bugs control. Bed bugs are tiny little insects which are brownish in color and their source of food is purely blood of humans and animals. Most common types of bed bugs have preference to bite humans however they can also target other warm blooded animals like birds, cats, rodents and dogs. Even in Greek, European and Asian history, there is description of bed bugs as blood sucking pests which shows that bed bugs have been in consideration of humans since ancient times.

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The length of an adult bed bug can be up to 3/16-inch and it has reddish brown, oval and flattened body. Their size is similar to lentil and the coloration is much similar to that of an apple seed. Sometimes, people do make a mistake of thinking that bed bugs are same as cockroaches, carpet beetles and other household insects. The earlier stage of beg bugs adult, i.e. the nymph have very close resemblance to the adults except for that the nymphs are lighter in color and have very small size. Bed bugs cannot jump or fly like fleas and they actively crawl over the floors, ceilings, walls and other types of surfaces.

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Adult female bed bugs normally lay one, two or more eggs daily at specific places. The potential of a female bed bug during its entire life time can be up to hundreds. The bed bugs eggs are very tiny and small in size, almost equal to size of a dust spec. It is very hard to see bed bugs eggs without magnification. Sometimes these eggs might stick to the surface where they are laid due to their sticky nature. In normal room temperature, it takes around a week for bed bugs eggs to hatch. The nymphs that newly emerge from eggs are not bigger than a pinhead and they are straw-colored. When nymphs start to grow, they molt and shed their skin five time before they are able to reach the maturity stage.

Among the stage of each successive molt, a blood meal is required. Blood is also needed by the females in order to lay the eggs periodically. The complete life cycle of bed bugs, from egg to a mature adults takes almost a month under ideal temperature (70-80 Degree Fahrenheit) and enough supply of blood. Bedbugs are capable of producing many generations per year. The development is prolonged case of cool weather and limited access to the host. The average life span of bed bugs is about 10 months under sufficient circumstances.

One element which is to be considered in case of bed bugs control is that bed bugs are resilient. Unlike most of the other insects, bed bugs can survive without food for months. In cooler temperature, they can survive much longer without supply of blood meal. At 55 Degree Fahrenheit or less, bed bugs can survive up to a year without a blood meal. In warmer or temperature controlled buildings, bed bugs can survive without feeding up to 4 months. Therefore, if the plan is to leave the home to for some time in anticipation that bed bugs would die due to starvation, then this might not be helpful for bed bugs control. Bed bugs have this ability to disperse to nearby units or limit their activity as well.

Most of the time, bed bugs are active during night. In the day time, they can be found hiding near the sleeping places of the residents. Normally, they remain closer to the places from where they can get food but sometimes they might crawl to bit longer distances in search of blood meal. The primary areas where they tend to hide are sofas, beds and all other places where people sleep or take rest. When infestations are allowed to persist, bed bugs can disperse somewhere else which can make beg bugs treatment much more difficult.

Bed Bugs Control

There are some measures that can be taken by home owners for bed bugs control as well. Bed bugs are challenging to eliminate. As bed bugs can hide in so many places, inspections must be detailed and elimination is not constantly a certainty. As soon as resources permit, it’s wise to enlist the services of a professional. Experienced pest controllers know where to look for bed bugs and have a variety of management tools at their disposal. Here are few steps that you can take to ensure effective bed bugs control.

1. Identification of hiding places of bed bugs is very important. There can be multiple places where bed bugs can hide and most of the times residents are well aware of the places. Removing any sort of material that can be food for bed bugs around these places is very important.

2. The beddings and garments must be laundered very often because they cannot to be treated with insecticides regularly. Sometimes this simple tip might help a lot in reducing the bed bugs damage.

3. An interesting way of fighting with the bed bugs problem is to put the beddings, clothes, shoes, toys etc. in clothes dryer and heat them for 20 minutes with medium to high temperature. This approach can kills all bed bugs in all stages of their lifecycle.

4. Those items which cannot be heated in the dryer can be wrapped in a plastic bag and put into bright sunlight for at least one day. The location must be hot and sunny. Heating tends to be a better option than cold temperature because cold temperature has to be maintained for a longer period of time while heating gives instant results in terms of bed bugs control.

Diseases Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not very well known for spreading diseases. Bed bugs themselves can cause a lot of annoyance since their presence can result in itching and loss of sleep. Occasionally the itching may result in extreme scratching that can at times increase the chance of a secondary skin infection. As human blood is ideal food for them in the homes, the presence of bedbugs themselves is nothing less than a serious disease when the humans are taken into consideration.

Professional Bed Bugs Control in Pakistan

In most of the cities of Pakistan, people have the facility to avail professional services for bed bugs control. Most of the times, people look for bed bugs control company / service or bed bugs control products. When the bed bugs problem is less severe, people can opt for bed bugs control products and try themselves. However, when the bed bugs problems turns more severe, then the right option is to go for professional bed bugs control company. Beg bugs control process can be bit lengthy at times and it requires high level of precision so a great deal of care is required in this regard. Even when the presence of these bed bugs at different places has been identified, still it is very tricky to treat bed bugs by the residents of home themselves.

When you search over the internet for bed bugs control companies in Pakistan, there will be a long list of such companies which claim to treat bed bugs effectively. The different stages of bed bugs life cycle need different type of treatment. This is where the expertise of a professional bed bugs control service comes into play. We are offering effective and guaranteed pest control services including bed bugs control services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Pakistan. We are trusted for providing best bed bugs control solutions because we provide warranty for our bed bugs control services. You can also contact us if you are looking for bed bugs control company in Islamabad and bed bugs control company in Rawalpindi.

Process of Bed Bugs Control by Care Taker

The process of bed bugs control followed by Care Taker team is very effective and nature friendly. The imported bed bugs control medicine is sprayed very carefully over the places where residents of the home normally sit or sleep. The items over which bed bugs control medicine is applied include mattress, sofa and carpet and all other places that can act as hiding places for bed bugs. The best thing about the bed bugs control medicine used by Care Taker team is that it is imported and of very high quality and that is the reason for the fact that not even the bed sheets have to be changed after the bed bugs fumigation process.

The precautionary measures required from the residents of the home are that the rooms where bed bugs control fumigation is done should be closed for 3 hours and they can be used after proper ventilation. No other measures need to be carried out from the residents because the bed bugs control process is carried out very carefully by Care Taker team.

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