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We provide effective heat proofing services in all areas of Pakistan. We have well trained professionals to provide you with most effective heat proofing services. We provide best quality heat proofing services in order to make your life comfortable.

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We are dedicated towards providing high quality value-added services to our clients in Pakistan. We are always here to help our residential, commercial and industrial clients all over Pakistan by providing them excellent waterproofing, heat proofing, termite (deemak) control and pest control solutions.

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Heat Proofing Services

Heat proofing services are required in order to keep the inside of the building cool and comfortable during the hot summer season. The countries where the temperature is normally very high during summers, people are always in dire need of heat proofing of their buildings. Heat proofing is the most effective approach to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. If you are careful about the electricity bills and you think that using air conditioner is an expensive way to keep the inside of the building cool, then heat proofing is the right and most effective solution you can have.

The interest of people in heat proofing services is more in the areas and countries with hot and humid climate. After analyzing search engine results, it becomes very clear that more and more people living in hot and humid regions are searching for heat proofing solutions for their buildings. Pakistan is also a very hot and humid country of Asia and that is why people living in Pakistan are also actively looking for effective heat proofing solutions. We always take care of the needs of people of Pakistan regarding heat proofing and we work hard to provide them with effective heat proofing solutions.

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Normally, the roofs are able to absorb sunlight because contractors do not focus on the aspect that the building is going to heat up after longer exposure to sunlight. The hot roofs and walls transmit the heat absorbed from sunlight to the inside of the building which increase the temperature of interior. This either causes very uncomfortable environment for the people living inside the building or forces them to use air conditioners in order to reduce the temperature. However, this is very costly approach because it increases the bill many times as compared to the bill in normal days.

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We have very wide range of products for effective heat proofing solutions and we are able to serve the clients in all areas of Pakistan. The products we use for roof heat proofing in Pakistan are imported and our staff is very well trained to apply the heat proofing products to get the desired results. After proper application of these products on the roof of the building, the temperature inside reduces to such an extent that the internal atmosphere becomes very comfortable without using air conditioner.

Even in case you want to use air conditioner after heat proofing, you will notice that the cooling of air conditioner has increased very much and at the end of the month, the electricity bill is bound to be very less as well. So one big advantage of our heat proofing services is that the cooling increases but the electricity bill decreases. It all depends on the experience of the heat proofing company and that is why we are preferred by clients for effective heat proofing services. We are specialized in providing roof heat proofing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Pakistan.

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We are leaders in efficient pest control services. We provide services to residential, commercial and industrial clients for reliable and guaranteed pest control.


We offer cost effective and efficient waterproofing services including roof, wall, basement, foundation, bathroom and other waterproofing services in Pakistan.

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We are market leaders in termite (Deemak) control services. We offer termite (Deemak) control services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Pakistan.

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We provide innovative and cost effective heat proofing services in Pakistan. We help our clients to reduce their electricity bills through our heat proofing services.