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Lizard Control Services

Lizards are a very commonly found in homes. “House Geckos” is the special specie of lizards which are usually found in homes especially kitchens. Most of the people are very much afraid of lizards are therefore they looks for professional lizard control services to avoid the creepy situation of coming across the lizards. Although the normal home lizards are not poisonous and they are not harmful for humans as well, still they can infest food items and also cause uncomfortable situation for women in the kitchen. This means that lizard control is equally important as any other pest control.

It does not matter how many times people can think about lizards as harmless but we have to face the reality that lizards are still classified as creepy crawlies. Lizards are very cunning reptiles. The lizard’s population increases rapidly in favorable conditions like kitchens, gardens, ponds and streams. When there are rains and the atmosphere is moist, there are always more lizards to be seen on the walls of the homes. Most number of people call for lizard control services in the rainy season as there are suitable circumstances for more growth of lizards.

Lizards generally feed on small insects like cockroach nymphs. Many types of lizards find flowers and shrubs as excellent nesting areas. When weather becomes dry and lizards don’t find more water resources, they can feed over plants as well since plants are probably the best source of water for them. A similar environment is provided within homes to the lizards in the kitchen area. Lizard control or lizard treatment by professional pest control company is definitely required before the population of lizards increases and becomes uncontrollable.

Understanding Biology of Lizards for Effective Lizard Control

Lizards are scaly skinned reptiles with a slender tail and they have has survived for approximately 200 million years. There are more than 5,500 species of Lizards which can be from 2 cm to 3 meters in length and their weight can be sometimes be as low as 0.5 grams to more than 150 kilograms in some species. One interesting fact here is that Snakes, which are also reptiles, arose from lizards and are known to be a group of limbless lizards. Some specific species of lizards are often mistaken for snakes because of the similarity in appearance. Generally, people look for lizard control services for the common lizards found in homes.

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Lizards are very are adaptable to any environment and they can be found underground, inside water and over the land. There are no such benefits that have been recognized to human environment because of lizards. While some lizards may serve as sources of pest control and food, there are lizards that act as pests themselves. The lizard lifecycle comprises of 3 stages i.e. the Egg, the Juvenile and the Adult.

The stage one of lizard life cycle is the egg. The way in which adult lizards lay eggs differ from one species to another. Although few lizard species like Anoles lay one egg in one clutch, the other species like skinks lay clutches of two eggs. Here, clutch size of eggs refers to the total number of eggs laid in a single attempt. Lizard eggs are leathery-shelled and porous in appearance. This effectively means that the lizard eggs are able stretch by absorbing the moisture.

In an attempt to protect the eggs from predators, sometimes the female lizards may bury the eggs as well. The embryo develops inside the eggs during this period. Furthermore, egg hatching can differ which depends largely on the species of lizard. The egg hatching time period for lizards in normally 70 to 90 days. Lizards manage to break the egg shell by making use of their egg tooth called as “Caruncle”. When the egg shell is broken, baby lizards remain inside the eggs for 12 to 24 hours and absorb all the remaining yolk from the egg.

The stage two of lizard life cycle is the juvenile. Here, young lizards are left alone to survive on their own. In this stage, the parental supervision by adult lizards is very less. Young lizards develop and grow into the size of an adult after some time.

The stage three of lizard life cycle is the adult. As lizards enter the adult stage, they are ready to mate since they are sexually mature. Season has a lot to do with the mating of lizards and most species of lizards prefer to mate when the season is rainy and wet. Male lizards expand their frills to attract the female lizards. Female lizards are capable of laying 8 to 23 eggs after fertilization and this number depending upon the species. Some species of lizards are capable of laying clutch of 20 to 71 eggs.

Lizard Control

The most effective lizard control treatment requires combination of techniques. Only spraying over a specific area once might not be enough for effective lizard control. Here are few tips for lizard control within homes:

1. Placing an egg shell where there are more lizards is one of the popular home remedies lizard control. Science records suggest that the odor of egg shell repels the lizard. Animal experts agree that the lizards assume another organism when they smell egg shell within the premises.

2. Garlic normally present in the kitchen can also be very helpful in this regard. It has been observed that lizards do not come near the places which have the characteristic garlic smell. Slice five garlic cloves into fine pieces. Put them in a blender with one cup of water. Now switch on the button to make one loose paste. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle on the lizard infested places.

3. Onion is another effective way for lizard control. Place onions near the door, entrances or all the cracks. If you know about the lizard infested place inside the home then place onion pieces around the place. Most probably, lizards would prefer to shift to another place.

4. Pepper spray can also be very helpful for lizard control. You can prepare a solution by mixing ten black pepper grains and one cup of water. Make it to a fine paste and spray around the house. It is better if more quantity is sprayed across the lizard infested areas.

Diseases Caused by Lizards

Lizards are accountable for carrying specific types of bacteria and that is why they can easily casue some serious diseases in humans. The zoonotic diseases associated with lizard contact are primarily bacterial infections. The very common diseases and illness caused by lizards are Salmonella, Mycobacterium, Campylobacter, Aeromonas, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Serratia and Flavobacterium meningosepticum.

Professional Lizard Control in Pakistan

Many cities of Pakistan have this important facility to avail professional services for lizard control. Most of the times, people look for lizard control company / service or lizard control products. When there are less lizards in the home and lizard problem is less severe, people can go for lizard control products and try to get rid of lizards by themselves. However, when the lizard problems turns more severe, then the right option is to go for professional lizard control company. Lizard control process may demand some patience and it requires high level of precision so a great deal of care is required in this regard. Even when the presence of these lizards at different places has been identified, still it is very tricky to treat lizards by the residents of home themselves. Hence lizard control companies becomes important in this regard.

If you opt to search over the internet for lizard control companies in Pakistan, there will be a long list of such companies which claim to treat lizards effectively. The expertise of a professional lizard control service are required to get rid of lizard problem soon. We are offering effective and guaranteed pest control services including lizard control services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Pakistan. We are trusted for providing best lizard control solutions because we provide warranty for our lizard control services. You can also contact us if you are looking for lizard control company in Islamabad and lizard control company in Rawalpindi.

Process of Lizard Control by Care Taker

The lizard control process adopted by Care Taker team is very effective and nature friendly. Care Taker team makes use of imported and safe lizard control medicine, latest equipment and modern physical removal methods in order to enhance the lizard treatment process. The lizard control process covers all the walls and potential areas where lizards can be found. Imported lizard control medicine is applied in all those cracks and holes and it is ensured that no such area is left unattended. A combination of imported medicines, mechanical traps and glue trap sheets is often used for effective lizard control.

Normally, it is recommended to go for lizard control treatment around the evening time because this is when lizards start appearing and coming out of their hiding places. Sometimes, sheets have to be placed beside the walls where lizards might be found. When imported lizard control medicine is applied in right places, lizards start rushing out immediately and there are more chances that they would fall over and stick to the traps and sheets that were purposely placed in their paths. The traps and the sheets are then immediately disposed of from the home.

Care Taker team also focuses on sealing the potential cracks and gaps within walls and joints for preventing the entry of lizards inside the home in future. Care Taker team also recommends to pad the windows and doors with rubber so that lizards and even rodents find no space to enter the home again. The precautionary measures required from the residents of the home are that the residents should stay away from the kitchen and the areas where lizard treatment is done for some time. Once the treatment is complete, no other measures need to be carried out from the residents because the lizard control process is carried out very carefully by Care Taker team.

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