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Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches and among the pests which are very commonly found within homes. Although, there is not a specific place in the home where cockroaches are restricted to but the abundance of cockroaches can be found in the kitchen area where food is prepared or washroom area where there is lack of sanitation. For most of the people, cockroaches are nothing less than distressing and repulsive merely due to their presence. Very often, cockroaches are considered to result in contaminating kitchen utensils, food items, household utilities and leaving unpleasant odor as well. The harmful effects and the different types of troubles caused by cockroaches is the reason why people look for cockroach control companies and services near them.

Cockroaches are often observed to move freely from smudge and dirt to food. That is why they are considered to easily transmit harmful microbes from filth to our food which results in food contamination and food poisoning. There are many other types of illnesses which can be related to germs transferred via cockroaches to our food and utensils. Some people are also found to have allergy from cockroach excrement and their shed skins. The allergies caused by cockroaches lead to sneezing, watery eyes, congestion and asthma (life threatening bronchial inflammation). There characteristics of asthma include wheezing, difficulty in breathing and repeated cough. Specifically among children, this asthma caused by cockroaches is very common and it is more common among children living in congested houses where infestations are normally quite severe.

There are numerous ways through which cockroaches can enter your homes. Some species of cockroaches can get in through furniture, beverage cartons and grocery bags. Few other species can seep into the house via gaps such as windows and doors. Sometimes, cockroaches can gain access through shared walls and ceilings as well. Because of poor sanitation, cockroaches can manage to enter premises of houses which seem to be neat and clean and ultimately become infested.

Understanding Biology of Cockroaches for Effective Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are fast running insects. They are flattened and brownish in color and have long slender antenna. The life cycle of cockroaches consists of three distinguish phases i.e. egg, nymph and adult. The eggs laid by female cockroaches are bean shaped, small in size and brown in color and they are deposited in out of the way places. From each egg case, 15 to 40 nymphs can emerge depending upon the species of cockroaches. There is much resemblance between nymphs and adults except for the fact that nymphs are very small in size and they don’t have wings. With the passage of time, nymphs grow bigger in size and inhibit same places as that of adults. Cockroaches can multiply in number very fast and some species of cockroaches are known to produce thousands of nymphs within a year.

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Cockroaches are not those insects that prefer to live in organized colonies or nests such as termites, ants and bees. Sometimes, cockroaches can be found in groups as well which can be due to response towards accumulating odors in their feces. The droppings can look similar to pepper-like specks within the distinct areas of their present and former activity. The appearance of cockroach spotting is very similar to that of bed bugs, however it can be distinguished by location or other signs of infestation. Cockroaches rarely congregate on beds and bed bugs do frequently.

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Comparing activity of cockroaches during day and night, they are much more active at night time. They are often observed to stay hidden in darker areas and cracks during the day time. They search for food at night and leave their hiding places. In addition to food that humans normally eat, cockroaches can also eat other items found in homes like toothpaste, soap, hair, glue, filth and excrement.

Getting rid of cockroaches is most effective when their hiding places are known. The most common hiding places for cockroaches are washrooms, kitchens, moist areas and warmer and darker places. Nevertheless, the presence of cockroaches can be anywhere in the house depending upon their species.

Cockroach Control

The most effective cockroach control treatment is the one which makes use of combination of techniques. Only spraying over a specific area once might not be sufficient for effective cockroach control. Here are few tips for cockroach control within homes:

1. As cockroaches can often be found in the places that have abundance of moisture, food and shelter, therefore keeping every place clean is equally important.

2. The food waste or spills must be immediately cleaned up and utensils should not be left unwashed overnight.

3. The food items that have to be kept outside refrigerator must be stored within tight fitting containers.

4. The newspapers, cartons and paper bags must be either discarded or carefully stored within sealed plastic bags.

5. Another way to keep cockroaches outside the premises of your home is to install tight fitting screens over the windows and sweeps underneath the doors.

6. The openings and cracks across the windows and doors must be blocked. It is always wise to seal the areas and openings where wires and plumbing pipes are passing through walls and floors. This can be done with copper mesh, caulk and foam. This approach is much beneficial in apartments and flats for restricting movement of cockroaches between the adjacent units.

Diseases Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches can spread a vast variety of diseases however, unlike mosquitoes, cockroaches are not known for transmitting diseases directly. Cockroaches transmit diseases indirectly through consumption of or coming in contact with stuff which has already been contaminated by cockroaches, rather than through bites. WHO (World Health Organization) has mentioned that “Cockroaches are not usually the most important cause of a disease, but like houseflies, they play a supplementary role in the spread of some diseases”.

The common diseases caused due to cockroaches include Typhoid Fever, Leprosy, Cholera, Gastroenteritis, Salmonellosis, Listeriosis, Giardia, Dysentery and Campylobacteriosis. In addition to these common diseases, cockroaches can also cause Asthma and other kinds of allergies such as streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus and E.coli.

Professional Cockroach Control in Pakistan

You can always go for professional cockroach control services in Pakistan as there are numerous pest control and specially cockroach control companies in Pakistan. How serious is the cockroach problem has to do a lot with the level of cockroach treatment. Sometimes, home owners might consider the cockroach problem to be very less significant and they may opt of application of chemicals by themselves. The poisonous and low quality chemicals available in the market for cockroach control can result in severe health related issues to humans as well therefore great deal of care is required in this regard. Not only effective elimination of cockroaches is the essential part of cockroach treatment, but the places from where they can emerge and hide have also to be traced down and treated well for this purpose. Considering these factors, opting for a professional cockroach control company or pest control company becomes very important.

Residents of every home facing cockroach problem always want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most of the times, this cockroach problem is beyond the control of residents and that is why they actively look for a professional company for cockroach treatment. Care Taker is one of the best companies in the market of Pakistan when it comes to pest control and more specifically cockroach control. We have been providing cockroach control services to residential, commercial and industrial clients for very long time now in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and other cities of Pakistan. The effective cockroach control services of Care Taker are provided with warranty so that clients can have satisfaction that they are not going to come across cockroach problem after getting cockroach control services from Care Taker team. You can also contact us if you are looking for cockroach control company in Islamabad and cockroach control company in Rawalpindi.

Process of Cockroach Control by Care Taker

The process of cockroach control followed by Care Taker team is as per international standards and that is why it is very effective. The process of fumigation for cockroach control is as follows:

Since cockroaches are found in abundance in kitchens and washrooms therefore imported medicine is sprayed through excellent quality spray pump inside kitchens and washrooms. The imported medicine is available with or without odor. It depends upon the preference of clients that which option they would prefer depending upon their budget. The main holes of the house are thoroughly sprayed with the imported medicine as well. The imported medicine is also poured into drains which actively serve as entry points of cockroaches.

The precautionary measures which are required from the residents of the home are that before cockroach fumigation process, all the edibles must be removed from the kitchen. After the fumigation is done, the kitchen should be closed for minimum of 8 hours because kitchen cabinets are thoroughly sprayed as they serve as hiding places for cockroach eggs, nymphs and adults. When the kitchen is to be used as per routine, all the utensils in the kitchen must be washed thoroughly. The simple steps after complete cockroach control fumigation are highly recommended by the Care Taker experts.

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