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We are best solution providers for termite problem. Our termite (deemak) control services have helped hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial clients. We provide warranty for our termite (deemak) control services.

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Our areas of expertise include Termite (Deemak) Control, Pest Control, Waterproofing and Heat Proofing. We are offering these services in Pakistan for many years and we try hard to win the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Our teams works day and night to improve the standard of living of people in Pakistan.

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Termite (Deemak) Control Services


Termite problem is not confined to homes only but the people working in offices and industries all suffer from the deadly consequences of termite problem. Wood is the main food for termites and that is why they always attack furniture and cabinets within the buildings. Because of termite, people can lose good amount of money that they have invested in the wooden work of their building and that is why people are actively looking for effective termite control services.

Care Taker is the best company for providing termite control services in Pakistan. We are successfully providing effective termite control services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and in other cities also. The quality and results of our termite control services are guaranteed and that is why we provide warrenty for our termite control services. We facilitate our clients in case there is a situation which requires warranty claim, although it is very rare because we take care of everything while providing the termite control services in the very first time.

The client base for our termite control services include residential, commercial and industrial clients which speaks of the level of satisfaction that they have in our services. We have been serving in this industry and providing effective termite control services for a very long time now. The trust of our residential, commercial and industrial clients in our termite control services is very high and we often get excellent reviews for our termite control services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The reason for our success in the termite control industry is that we rely on professional staff only which is highly experienced and capable enough to understand the nature of termite problem and then offer the right termite control solutions accordingly. Besides this, we also depend on innovative technology and upgraded machines and infrastructure. The process of preparing chemical for termite treatment is very complex and requires high precision and accuracy. That is why we do not compromise on training of our staff and the equipment used for termite control services. We are glad to take care of your termite problem.

Our Termite (Deemak) Control Services

  • Termite (Deemak) Inspection
  • Termite (Deemak) Treatment
  • Termite (Deemak) Control Spray / Fumigation
  • Residential Termite (Deemak) Control
  • Commercial Termite (Deemak) Control
  • Industrial Termite (Deemak) Control

Our team is well prepared to solve your termite (deemak) problem, at all stages, no matter how much severe the termite (deemak) problem is and that is why we are able to provide effective termite (deemak) control for homes, offices and industries!

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We believe in educating our clients and raising awareness among them about the termite (deemak) problem along with providing the effective termite (deemak) control services. We care about our clients and that is why we feel that is absolutely mandatory that our clients should go for termite (deemak) control treatment but they should also have basic knowledge about the potential damages caused by termite (deemak) problem so that they can stay protected from termites (deemak) in future.

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Termite Problem

Termite problem is serious concern all over the world and people who face this issue look for reliable termite control services near them. If we look at an individual termite, it might not look dangerous at all. However, when termites form a colony, they can result in serious damage to the structure of the building in very short time period. Termites have this ability of chewing through wood, furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, flooring and even wallpapers. This is why termites have been labeled as “Silent Destroyers” as they are tiny in size but have potential of causing massive losses. Experts believe that in the world, termite cause loss of more than $5 billion in terms of property damage.

The termite population increases rapidly in search of favorable habitat and they frequently try to invade new structures for the purpose of growth. Most of the times, termite send their explorers, which are also known as “Swarmers” in search of structures that can serve as comfortable living environment for the termites colony. The appearance of these Swarmers is similar to winged or flying ants. Most of the residents ignore them which can be a fatal mistake as it allows easy entry for the entire termite colony. When Swarmers feel that your home is safe place for them to survive, there is a very strong chance that the entire termite colony will follow them and penetrate through the entire structure.

There are more than 2000 species of termites in the world. Pakistan is one of those countries which offer very favorable environment for the survival and growth of many pests including termites and that is why many types of termites are there in most of the cities of Pakistan. Here are few important types of termites:

Subterranean Termites

The Subterranean termites are very commonly found in many parts of the world and they prefer to live in underground colonies. They can also be found in aboveground areas which are damp and moist. A typical colony of Subterranean termites may have as many as 2 million members which shows how dangerous this little insect can be for the structure of entire building. Subterranean termites try to gain access to food source and also save themselves from open air and for this purpose they build unique mu tubs for their shelter.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites have origin from China and they are considered as one of the most dangerous and destructive among 2000 species of termites in the world. Formosan termites have massive underground colonies and they build very complicated mud nests inside walls of the building structure. Formosan termites have very aggressive nature and they are extremely difficult to control once they manage to penetrate into the building. Formosan termites are found in many parts of the world including Asia, Europe and Africa.

Dampwood Termites

The name of Dampwood termites speaks of itself because this specie of termites which survives in very moist and damp setting. The size of Dampwood termites is much bigger than many other types of termites. Dampwood termites do not cause much danger to the wood because the quantity of moisture in the wood is very less in the wood so wood does not serve as ideal medium for growth of Dampwood termites. Still homeowners must take special care in case of abundance of Dampwood termites within the homes because ultimately they can cause damage to the entire structure. Dampwood termites are found in abundance in America, Asia and Europe.

Understanding Biology of Termites for Effective Termite Control

Termites are very successful in terms of surviving and growing within homes and one of the most important reasons behind this is the fact that termites work in organized social groups called colonies. The number of members within a specific specie of termites can be up to several million. Termite depend more on each other for survival and this unique feature makes them entirely different from other pests like cockroaches and bugs. The termite colony is so organized that each individual has a specific task that it must play and contribute towards the entire termite colony.

Termite colony of all species of termites is very complicated as it may have one or more headquarter which is normally found within the food source. . The colony centers are linked to other food sources by a series of underground passageways. It is the job of worker termites to travel across these underground passageways and few of them bring food for the queens and the kings. The termites social system is very interesting and so is the lifecycle of termites.

The Three Castes of Termites

On the basis of physical features and roles, or both, within the termite colony, there are three mains castes of termites which are workers, soldiers and reproductives.

Worker Termites

Most probably, when you break open a piece of wood that has been infested by termites, you can come across the worker termites. Worker termites are very high in number in a termite colony as they comprise the 90% to 98% of the entire termite colony. The physical attributes of worker termites are that they have white soft bodies, they don’t have eyes and they don’t have wings as well. Although worker termites are not completely developed physically or reproductively, still they do most of the work within the colony.

Worker termites have many responsibilities such as feeding and cleaning other termites, caring for baby termites, building shelter tubes and gathering food. Worker termites use their sense of touch and communicate with chemicals called pheromones to get around. Worker termites make use of pheromones for helping other workers follow trails from the nest to a food source or to warn them of enemies. This might seem that Worker termites are hardworking and may seek sympathy as well, but these are castes of termites that cause really high structural damage to the building structures that can creep up to billions of dollars on annual basis every single year.

Soldier Termites

Soldier termites are the ones which can easily be spotted among the termites crowd as they are always ready for a war or fight and have bigger heads than the rest of termites in the colony. Still, there are very rare chances that you might be able to meet the soldier termite because they comprise only 2% to 4% of the entire termite colony. The physical attributes of soldier termites are that they have very big brownish head, pale soft body, black and elongated mouthparts and they are also wingless and eyeless.

Similar to Worker termites, the Soldier termites are also not completely developed physically or reproductively. However, their task or job is much different as compared to the Worker termites. They are responsible for defending the entire termite colony as they have to protect other castes of termites i.e. Workers and Reproductives from attacking ants and other insects. They excrete poisonous substances in order to respond against any sort of attack imposed by invaders. They also fight against the intruders by plugging entrance holes with their heads and biting their enemies.

In simplest terms, Soldier termites would do whatever it takes to keep their colony safe and the fact is that they are naturally made to do so. Soldier termites are unable to feed themselves as carrying a weapon for a head is definitely not easy therefore they rely on Worker termites to feed them with food.

Reproductive Termites

The only caste of termites within the termite colony which is sexually mature adult are the Reproductive termites, sometimes also referred to as Alates or Swarmers. Termite colonies produce Swarmers as they lack food or get too full. When male and female Swarmers mate and successfully start a new colony, they become king and queen of that colony. Now the king and queen are considered as the primary reproductives of the colony and their main job is to mate and lay eggs. Reproductive termites are the only ones that get directly exposed to sunlight in search of finding the mates.

The physical attributes of Reproductive termites are that they have black or brownish bodies, two pairs of long and equally sized wings and big eyes. The Reproducive termites would shed their wings as they find a mate and start preparations for the new colony.

Termite Life Cycle

The Termite life cycle begins as the Reproductive termites come outside the comfortable moist environment and fly around to search for mates. This step is not very easy as more than 90% of the Reproductive termites end up losing their life in this effort by falling victims to insects, bats and birds. The surviving ones are more likely to make a new beginning for the new termite colony. This search flight normally occurs in spring season although it depends a lot on the location and the specie of termites as well.

The Reproductive termites are not very good at flying and may end up flying a few yards only from their original colony before they end up landing and scratching off their wings. When they are done with shedding off their wings, they begin to dig into ground or wood and start mating which initiates the brand new termite colony.

Termite Eggs

The female Reproductive termite i.e. the Queen has the ability to lay 6 to 12 eggs after few days or weeks after mating. Most of the times, the Queen lays less than 100 eggs in the first year and this egg laying ability gradually increases with time. Eventually a time comes when the Queen lays thousands of eggs in a single day. The first batch of eggs laid by the Queen are taken care of by the King and Queen together.

The tiny termite which are hatched from the termite eggs are called as larvae and they have very soft bodies and do not have any color. As the termite babies turn into nymphs, there are able to take control and take care of the younger termite babies, i.e. the new eggs and the King and Queen. It the responsibility of the Worker termites to ensure that there are no bacteria and fungi in the soil where eggs are present. In the starting, the termite colony grows very slowly.

When the Queen gets older, its ability to lay eggs increases significantly and as a consequence, the growth of the entire colony speeds up. When the size of termite colony increases, the Worker termites begin to extend the tunnels farther away from the nest in search of food.

Termite Nymphs

In the first two week, the termite larvae are fed regurgitated food because this allows them to turn into workers, soldiers and more grown nymphs. Most of the termites grow into workers which do not have the reproductive ability and they do most of the tasks within the termite colony. A very small number of these Worker termites would grow into Soldier termites and their responsibility would be to protect the termite colony from external attacks and threats.

Few of the Worker termites continue to grow and turn into nymphs which gradually develop wings and becomes the swarmers which are fully capable of reproduction. Sometimes the termite nymphs may turn into secondary reproductive and in case something happens to the king and queen, they can help to keep the termite colony alive.

Termite Adults

Most of the Worker termites may not grow to adult reproductives and stay the same throughout their lives. The termites that develop into reproductive adults experience several changes. When reproductive nymphs mature they develop proper eyes and wings and the body color becomes dark. All of the swarmers fly off the termite colony in search of partner at the same time. As they find a reasonable landing place and start mating, this acts as the phase from where termite life cycle starts. It takes one year on average for a termite egg to transform to an adult while passing through the nymph stage in between.

Professional Termite Control in Pakistan

You have the facility of professional termite control in most of the areas of Pakistan. Sometimes, people may look for termite control products or a professional termite control company / service. This search process has a lot to do with how severe the termite problem is. When people think that the termite problem is less severe inside the home and they can keep track of all the potential termite colonies as well, then you can go for any reliable termite control product from the market. However, if you believe that the termite problem is more severe and there can be more termite colonies than you can track or eliminate, then opting for a professional termite control company is the better option. But while searching for an effective termite control company, great deal of care is required because this process is relatively bit more expensive. The termite control professionals charge for their expertise and time. The good thing is that if you manage to find a reliable termite control company, then you will be able to get rid of the termite problem very soon.

There are plenty of termite control companies in Pakistan. But choosing the best termite control company is indeed a challenge. Termite colonies are very complicated and require special type of treatment and this is where the expertise of termite control professionals come into play. We provide effective and guaranteed pest control services including termite control services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Pakistan. We are trusted for providing best termite control solutions because we provide warranty for our termite control services. You can also contact us if you are looking for termite control company in Islamabad and termite control company in Rawalpindi.

Process of Termite Control by Care Taker

The process of termite control followed by Care Taker team is very effective and nature friendly. We use 2 types of methods for termite treatment. One is through spray pump and drilling the other is through termite baits. The process of termite control through spray pump and drilling is as follows:

Firstly, 12 to 18 inches holes are dig through drilling machine at a distance of 2 to 3 feet inside all the walls of the ground floor of the home. This requires much precision and accuracy because holes have to be drilled properly. After that imported termite control medicine is inserted within these holes so that it can eliminate the root of all termite colonies within the home. Then the same imported termite control medicine is sprayed over all wooden items linked to walls such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and all other related wood structures.

The medicine used for termite control comes without odor and it fits according to the budget of clients. The quality of termite control medicine is very high and it is effective for termite proofing. Afterwards, when termite fumigation is successfully executed, residents are able to use the home as per routine. The slight care which should be taken by the residents is that when termite control medicines is sprayed in the kitchen, then all of the edibles and utensils should be removed.

The process of termite control through termite baits has also gained popularity in recent times. More importantly, termite baits are designed to not only kill termites active within the traps, but also to remove the actual nest too. The bait station housing is a hollow plastic cylinder with slits along the sides for termites to enter. Termites tunnel through and out of the perforated tube, reuniting with their nest mates in the soil. In doing so, they leave behind a colony-specific scent that promotes recruitment of other termites to the station. This is the reason which makes termite baiting stations really effective. Not only are they an affordable long term solution, but they are incredibly effective at killing off large colonies of termites. Termite baits are typically installed below ground around the entire perimeter of the building. Termite control through termite bait requires high level of training and expertise and Care Taker team is experienced enough for effective termite bait termite treatment.

Feel free to contact Care Taker team for effective termite control services in Islamabad and effective termite control services in Rawalpindi. We are offering effective termite control services all over Pakistan as well.

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